Whether you’re an independent power producer, a public utility or a manufacturer producing your own power supply, operation & maintenance services of Orient Rental Modaraba (ORM) can help you boost your operating efficiency, reduce run-down time, mitigate your risk, widen your competitive edge, maximize your performance and increase your profitability. The unique blend of experience and technical knowledge are the basis upon which our full- scope power plant operations and maintenance (O&M) services are helping plant owners to maximize availability, profitability and safety performance.

O&M provides overall solutions of power plant activities that cover complete responsibility of management and cost-effective operational services and do all preventive, predictive, corrective and situational maintenances with depth of knowledge, expertise and quality commitments.

Reliability levels at plants managed by ORM (O&M) are well above industry average. Its on-peak availability factor, a key economic performance indicator, is consistently in the highest percentiles. Often, operational improvements are gained with little or no capital expenditures.

Full Spectrum of Services

Our O&M fleet is now operating more than 97 nos. of extensive power plants. Our professional, competent, experienced and well equipped O&M team comprising of total 1000+ nos. of staff members being involved to provide 24/7 services to our clients throughout the regions.

The reason for our outstanding services lies in our ability to offer specialized operational and maintenance along with typical and sophisticated repair skills to aid reliable and continuous running of industrial class reciprocating internal combustion engines.

ORM (O&M) is qualified in all phases of power plant O&M necessary to achieve high availability, performance, profitability and safety. These competencies include:

  • O&M estimating and budgeting.
  • Plant staffing, training, personnel policies and procedures.
  • Operating procedures.
  • Long-term plant operation.
  • Safety and quality control programs.
  • Maintenance management programs.
  • Enterprise system management.
  • Annual reviews and audits.
  • Plant improvements and upgrades.
  • Replacement parts and field engineering services.

Plant Operation Services

Profitable long-term operation requires maximizing availability while optimizing equipment life. Our operational services are designed and implemented to consistently achieve this objective by:

  • Operating plants in a safe, compliant and efficient manner.
  • Developing and implementing formal procedural, maintenance, environmental and safety management programs.
  • Maintaining overall care and control of the plant and site.
  • Advising and recommending tooling and inventory requirements.
  • Recommending procedural changes, when necessary, to improve operation.
  • Responding and adjusting to changing operating conditions.

Plant Maintenance

To attain maximum plant availability and equipment reliability, and to reduce forced outages, ORM (O&M) develops long-term custom maintenance programs that include:

  • Preventive maintenance.
  • Predictive maintenance procedures.
  • Scheduled maintenance.
  • Major refurbishments.

Systems Audit

On customer request, our professional team carries out ‘Energy systems audit’ to help assess the actual electrical requirements and in selection of appropriate gas generator rating for power generation. The focus of this audit is, to help our customers in reducing the capital & operating cost of self-power generation project that would enhance the competitiveness in their core business.

Rewards of Trusting ORM Services

  • Dynamic plant management.
  • Performance & reliability improvement.
  • Maintenance / inspection optimization.
  • Maximum efficiency with prolonged equipment life.
  • Cost effectiveness for customers.
  • Reduce unscheduled downtime.

Enhance safety of operations.