HVAC-R O&M Services:

HVAC has a pivotal importance in maintaining the comfort and safety of building occupants. We offer professional and proven services in the core areas of Operations and Maintenance related to a wide range in cooling & heating applications. ORM trained service engineers are equipped with special tools for inspection & troubleshooting and to provide quick response. Our HVAC-R operation and maintenance comprises of the following equipment:

  • Absorption Chillers
  • Vapor Compression Chillers
  • Heating Ventilation & Air- Conditioning

Our Support Services:

The key to our continued success is our ability to provide customers with real-world technical analysis, which helps them to choose the solution that best meets their operating parameters and load profiles. Our customer services are focused to optimize the customer-specific needs for flexibility, reliability, efficiency and enhancement of equipment life-cycle.

Our operation and maintenance division is providing services for troubleshooting, preventive maintenance, periodic and corrective maintenance, inspection & testing to maintain the performance and output of the equipment. Salient features of our support services includes:

  • Manpower strength of around 1,200+ all over Pakistan
  • 30+ service vehicles all over Pakistan
  • Backup support of 50+ factory trained service engineers
  • More than 90+ O&M and Facility contracts all over Pakistan
  • Quick response time & 24/7 availability to assist service engineers / technicians / end-users directly involved in critical troubleshooting countrywide
  • R&D for the corrective / repair / modification action plan with the recommendation of OEM.

Salient Features of Our Services:

Following are the benefits upon utilization of our services:

  • Maximum efficiency with prolonged equipment life
  • Maintenance/Inspection optimization
  • Cost-effectiveness for customers
  • Reduces unscheduled downtime
  • Experienced & comprehensive approach to strategic facility planning aligned with business objectives
  • Strong technical resources dedicated to the project
  • Energy savings & fuel optimization of the plant
  • Reduces tendency for built-in featherbedding
  • Health and safety programs that will meet all applicable national & international standards & legislations

Flexibility in approach with the willingness to customize programs to meet the plant ownership & organization’s needs