Orient Rental Modaraba is committed to serve the construction sites with extreme ambient conditions. Presence of dust, humidity & high torque motors make operations difficult, but our dedicated field staff and healthy equipment ensures that power remains available at site, whatever the weather is.

Orient Rental Modaraba also provides generators on short term basis for events such as exhibitions, seminars, conferences etc to fulfill air conditioning, Multimedia, lightning requirements. People trust on Orient Rental Modaraba for generating power at their annual functions.

Team ORM is trained to work at high ambient and dusty sites with critical applications such as oil & gas. In Pakistan we have served industries like United Energy Pakistan Limited, National Refinery Limited, Pakistan Refinery Limited etc

ORM provides generators for various military activities for onshore and offshore applications.

ORM, because of its fuel efficient machines and excellent reputation in this segment, has the largest market share in textiles. Large and medium sized units are reliant on ORM for their power generation, which are doing it very efficiently. Efficiency means usage of minimum fuel and producing maximum output, its synergy benefits are not just limited to the particular organization for whom ORM is running the equipment, but better efficiency contributes in savings of natural resources such as gas & water and better emissions for reducing pollution in the area.

ORM is providing equipments to various manufacturing concerns such as cable manufacturers, Coax bottle plants, stationary manufacturing, wood and board etc. our valued clients and dependent on us for producing power, and we have always delivered what we have committed.

ORM is providing equipments on rental basis to various national and multinational food processors. This industry typically has high torque applications where our service and equipment ensures that no stoppages occur during the process even after bearing high torque loads.

ORM has started to explore the R&H segment where we can provide equipment’s to hotels, tour operators, retail outlets, supermarkets, shopping centers etc for the prime power generation and standby power need.

ORM serves number of hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and NGOs, we are providing efficient and cost effective prime power along-with backup on diesel. Hospitals rely on equipment that we provide. The ICUs, wards, and laboratories that have frequency and voltage sensitive equipment’s are powered through our provided generators, which is a sign of our excellent services in the industry.